What you will find at Holistic Health Services is a different way to naturally approach a lot of what people are suffering from. The symptoms you feel or see are merely your body trying to communicate with you the only way it can. By simply addressing just the symptoms, you are missing the opportunnity to listen. If you do listen to that sore knee, pain/muscle tension, lack of energy, mental and emotional stress, and have a BodyTalk practitioner interpret this communcation correctly, you will find the underlying causes that must be addressed for lasting changes. The BodyTalk System makes it so simple because the goal is to restore effective communication between all cells in the bodymind complex that are contributing to poor health and stressful situations.

 No procedures. No pills. No kidding. 


The client's inner wisdom directs the session entirely and gets a chance to finally "talk" about how it would heal and repair itself. No supplements, nothing invasive, no battery of tests, no needles - just ease. You'll be surprised at the changes. The sessions are extremely gentle and relaxing. Call today.


What do my services help? The functioning of your body is affected by stress of all kinds. When stress from accidents, injuries, emotional trauma and toxins affect the nervous system and the biochemistry of the body, correct functioning is compromised and dis-ease follows. The techniques of BodyTalk and Accunect helps find the keys to unlock your body's ability to heal and to address areas of stress, whether physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. This allows the nervous system and biochemistry of the body to resume normal function so healing can take place.  

Conditions that can be addressed include: 


  • Headaches and Backaches 

  • Fibromyalgia and other Pain Syndromes

  • Anxiety

  • Depression and other Mood Disorders

  • Digestive Issues 

  • Immune Issues

  • Chronic Fatigue 

  • Learning Disorders 

  • Infertility

  • Endocrine Disorders 

  • Musculo-skeletal Issues.

  • General Wellness and Preventative Healthcare 

  • Sports Medicine



BodyTalk sessions can also be conducted through "distance sessions" which enable a client to benefit from BodyTalk work without actually having to be in the office. The session is conducted over the telephone and the same results can be achieved if visiting the office is challenging.  

  • General Rehabilitation 

  • Pregnancy and Childbirth 

  • Cognitive Development and Brain Injury 

  • Organ/Tissue Transplantation and Joint Replacement 

  • PTSD and Trauma 

  • Cancer and Chemotherapy Support 

  • Immune System Dysfunction and Allergies

  • Hospice Care 

  • Addiction Recovery and Cravings 

  • Organization and Group Dynamics

  • Ask How I Might Help Other Conditions


Distance Sessions

What people are saying:

Since she was a baby, my daughter had poor liver function, digestive problems, constant eczema and behavior issues. She was a sick a lot until she started getting BodyTalk sessions with Linda. Within six months, her skin rash has cleared up, she has been healthy the whole summer, she is expressing herself emotionally, excessive mucous is gone and neck lump disappeared. A long time constipation issue has resolved, she is going 3-4x/day.


My colds seem to linger for longer than I cared to have them. So I asked Linda for a distance session the next time I came down with a cold. I found the session, along with additional advice, cut that cold's lifespan in half. Not only did I feel better faster. I also left with tools to stay healthier.


NOTE: I have clients watch the video "Cortices" on the website www.ibaglobalhealing.com. This technique is simply amazing and easy to do.


A 36-year old woman came in with severe hyperemesis gravidarum; she was on nausea meds which were not helping and also carried a portable IV for feeding, as she couldn’t keep food down. She had lost 15+ lbs in one month. She was obviously depressed and unable to take care of her 5 year old son.


Her session involved balance of very stressful emotions held in her stomach, general hydration* of cells of her digestion system and balance of adhesions that had not fully healed from a C-section. Amazingly, both for me – and her, there was no nausea at the end of the session. She reported later eating and keeping food down the following day. She continued to improved, came in for a second session, she got off the IV feeding and went back to work after only 2 sessions. *There is a great technique called Hydration in our protocol to improve the transportation of water across the cell membranes, so water can be fully utilized.