Linda Kieliszewski,

Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, Accunect Practitioner  

Email: holistic.healthlinda­@­yahoo­.­com
Phone: 715-341-2706​


Let’s talk about your health concerns to see if an energy balance is right for you. The session involves releasing stress and tension in the bodymind complex. It is an amazing process of finding and addressing blockages of energy that are creating nervous system imbalances.

FEE - 3 Sessions Package Rate $150.

Cash or check. Sorry, no credit cards.


Here are just a few success stories from clients who have received energy balances:


Sore legs and pain in right elbow  - distance session by phone.

This woman reported enthusiastically that the leg pain stopped the same day of her session.  Pain in her elbow was almost gone immediately, she finally got a good night’s sleep. Walking and climbing stairs much improved.

Prostate issue, wife in wheelchair possible lymes disease, condo office and home visits. 


This was a team effort with a happy ending.  Major changes occurred for both and I received a wonderful note from the wife…Linda listens, makes the session enjoyable and is a delight to work with.  A deep emotional wound I carried for years resolved itself through sessions with Linda.

Shingles healed quickly.


Years ago my husband got afflicted with it – twice.  I balanced him both times, it cleared up in one week.


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