Here are a few questions you might be wondering about. 

What distinguishes Linda Kieliszewski from other
healing arts practitioners.


Linda's clients say they gravitate toward working with her because of the wide range of challenges that can be addressed physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually as well as the environment. Her dedication to detail and focus on cutting edge bodymind healing keeps her work fresh and exciting within her practice of The BodyTalk System.

How many treatments will I need?


Clients usually notice improvements  in their well-being within the first few sessions.  The complexity and severity of your condition affects the number of treatments you will need.  After your conditions improve, you are welcome to continue treatment as needed, to maintain internal harmony.  Periodic treatment helps you meet the ever-changing demands of life more gracefully. 

Is BodyTalk safe?


Yes, it is. You will either recline on a treatment table or sit in a chair, fully dressed and comfortable.


In my 18 years of practice, I have never had a client report anything negative or harmful. BodyTalk has been practiced throughout the world for 20 years. There are thousands of BodyTalk practitioners throughout the world who use BodyTalk techniques on a regular basis. In all of these cases, the BodyTalk System has proven to be a totally safe and effective form of treatment. The reason for this is that BodyTalk therapy only involves rebalancing energy systems throughout the body - there is nothing invasive or dangerous about it whatsoever.​

Can someone be over-treated with BodyTalk?

No. The BodyTalk practitioner takes specific instructions from the innate intelligence of the body, which knows exactly what needs to be treated and in what order. Therefore it is not possible for someone to be over-treated with BodyTalk. Even if a client were to receive treatment that was not indicated as a priority by the innate intelligence of the client's body, the treatment would have no effect on the client - positive or negative.​