What my clients are saying:

DEPRESSED/AWFUL CRYING EPISODES.  I've had depression for 12 years, and crying episodes almost daily.  I felt emotionally irrational and would get really upset but couldn't make it go away, so I would go to bed.  Medications for the depression didn't seem to help but gave me hot flashes.  My goal in coming for sessions was to wean myself off medication with the help of my psychiatrist and re-energize my body.  Hot flashes improved within a couple sessions and so did the depression.  There's been much improvement within 3 months.


"I've had anxiety issues for years, and during my session, a traumatic bike accident from age 12 came up for balancing as an old memory I had not fully healed from. After the session, I felt so calm I could have fallen asleep. There's also been improvement in headaches, and my job."


A college instructor was struggling with end of semester stress, so much so she was really unhappy, almost dreading those times of the year.  She was also experiencing some health issues, as well as unsteadiness/balance and numbness in her feet. Tension and pain in her back/hip area were also on the list of please help. It didn’t take long for her to notice significant changes in how she related to co-workers, students, and she began enjoying her job much more.  Interestingly, I also ended up balancing her three beautiful cats and there were very noticeable improvements in their relationship within the cat family and my client felt she felt more comfortable and happy with them.  With the addition of massage, which works well with BodyTalk, her balance and numbness is greatly improved.


We can work with allergies, and this represents a way to stop reactions without meds/ supplements.  A woman came in who noticed allergic reactions when she would work with horses in the barn.  So it was difficult to do what she enjoyed doing.  One of the issues we balanced was an old memory, and that seemed to be the key as now she does not have the reactions.


My digestion has improved a lot.  Have to tell you when I had a colonscopy the doctor commented I had one of the most twisted, kinked colons he had seen and I’ve always had this particular discomfort in my lower abdomen for years. The discomfort is gone since seeing Linda. 


An 89-year-old client commented that sessions have helped improve her appetite, painful episodes she would get in one area of her body have stopped, and swelling/pain in one wrist has improved.  Recently pain in her feet is gone.


My grandson had conjunctivitis since birth, and nothing was helping much. He had two BodyTalk sessions, his eyes stopped matting and the surgery was not necessary. At age two, he also had an issue, according to his parents, of "being in a world of his own, as if he did not hear them, and was not giving or wanting hugs from his parents." After BodyTalk sessions he began responding to his parents and wanting hugs and love.


Body Talk has worked well for me over the years when dealing with stressors in life.  But what I wasn’t expecting was how helpful it was in strengthening my relationship with my oldest son.  To say we were incompatible or too much alike was an understatement.  Since just one BodyTalk session working on our relationship, it is unbelievable how well we communicate.  For the past 20 years we would just end up not talking to one another because we could not see eye-to-eye.  Since the session, things are wonderful.  For example, one day when it looked like our conversation was going to take the same route of nonproductivity, he turned to me instead and said, Mom, we need to stop throwing each other under the bus and listen to each others’ ideas.  I could not believe my ears.  It has been so wonderful to be able to discuss things with him.  Thank you Linda for all you do!


BodyTalk has become my go to for dealing with issues surrounding my disabilities. It has helped me to find balance when anxiety or stress take over. It has also helped me with range of movement. I am not sure where I would be without BodyTalk, certainly not as functional as I am today.


"BodyTalk addresses deep-seated issues in a gentle, yet commanding way - the nice thing about this process is it doesn't require that I put into words my deepest hurts. It does touch and heal those areas in the gentlest of ways. Side effects are often feelings of great nurturing and strength."  


"I am 78 years old and have had 17 surgeries. After one BodyTalk session, my hands stopped shaking. Number and letter reversals have also improved. After two sessions, I can actually sleep 3 hours a night, instead of waking up every half hour to go to the bathroom. After several more sessions, I am sleeping between 3-6 hours per night, so I feel rested and have much better bladder control. Pain levels in my back are greatly decreased."



Mother brought in her two daughters, both of whom had extremely difficult bowel movements. In taking their history, the 4-year-old got scared going to the doctor’s office, and the younger child received a BodyTalk balance that included a reference of a toxin (mom received meds during pregnancy to slow down early contractions) and the baby absorbed it. The girls had two sessions, and constipation issues resolved.


A man diagnosed with Alpha 1 antitrypsin deficiency came in for help with his lungs (very hard to breathe and do physical activities (walking, yardwork,  talking).  Normal, everyday things had become a real task for him.  Headaches/migraines almost every day (feels its related to meds he receives for his illness (AAT). He has about 2 headache free days a month. His wrist (two surgeries) hurts more than before the surgeries & there is constant pain.

After his first session, his wrist felt better, the pain was duller and breathing was easier* After the second session, the pain in his wrist was gone and breathing was still easier and for the first time in a long time, he didn’t have a headache for five days.  As he continued to come in for sessions, he reported his body seems more connected, headaches are down to a minimum and pain in wrist is still gone.  He is more active and a breathing test he gets regularly showed no change from the prior test, which was great news for him.  *my office had a dozen steps up – and then down; client was amazed at his ability to do stairs without being totally winded.


“I’ve had anxiety issues for years, and during my session, a traumatic bike accident from age 12 came up for balancing as a stressful event I had not fully healed from. After the session, I felt so calm I could have fallen asleep. There’s also been improvement in headaches, and my job."


My grandson, who lives in WV, was having very vivid nightmares about zombies and this had been going on almost 9 months. He was afraid to sleep by himself, afraid to go into his room. His mom asked me if I could help. I did a distance session; his nightmares disappeared the following night and have not returned.  


My son is 7 and in lst grade. When I first brought him in for BodyTalk, we were desperate for help. He wasn't able to cope well with school - even in special ed - there were many episodes of frustration that would turn into a full rage, at the drop of a hat. He was extremely sensitive to noise, bright light, and too many people. He viewed many comments as "attacks" and had very little sense of humor. Also, friendships were few and far between for him. I had a very sad, angry child, and we needed help. Doctors put him on 37 and a half milligrams of Zoloft and that caused awful eye tics and an inability to sleep. We came to see Linda about 6 months ago. After his first session, I saw results. He was calmer and asked me to read to him - for 2 hours! I was amazed. BodyTalk sessions have helped him to be less explosive, much calmer and he is actually happy. I was very unhappy with the side effects he was experiencing with Zoloft so the doctors lowered the medicine to 25 milligrams and were going to look for something else to prescribe. They didn't need to! He continues to improve with decreased anxiety and frustration. Rages used to happen 3-4x a week, while now they are about 1-2x a month. His teachers have expressed great pleasure at the behavioral improvement, academic improvement, and said he looks happy. He has many friends and is becoming a joiner in activities. He is not an anxious, angry little boy anymore. He is happy, calmer and has a wonderful sense of humor. BodyTalk has definitely improved his quality of life.


A close family member ended up scratching the cornea of one eye – this happened while she was driving here with her two children.  Her eye was extremely irritated, hurting and red. I did BodyTalk to help the eye heal, and while she was still on my massage table, the pain started to let up, and she was more relaxed.  She slept well; the next day her eye showed hardly any redness, nearly  normal, no irritation or pain.  NOTE:  An acute injury heals quickly, almost in front of your eyes.  This happens like a miracle, over and over again, as we have a technique called Fast Aid, which is actually taught in a one day course called ACCESS.


“When my femur was fractured in a farm machine in June of 2007, one of the first person I knew I wanted to see was Linda. I have seen her before on previous visits to see my family in this area.  Being a chiropractor, I know of the benefits of chiropractic and I know some of its limitations.  The absolute beauty of BodyTalk is that it communicates with the individual body of each client – which is how I believe patients need to be treated.”

“The fracture was a clean break.  There was a lot of soft tissue damage (lost a quart of blood in the leg itself and the two parts of the bone were not placed together at the right alignment).  I could see the very slight misalignment on the x-ray when I went for a check-up several weeks into the healing.  As time passed, I always had a lot of discomfort and pain in the knee and hip region, very seldom in the fracture area itself.  When the opportunity came and I flew to Wisconsin (I live in Quebec, Canada), I was very delighted to have an appointment with Linda the following day.” “She worked with my experience around the break, the high emotions, and the alignment of the femur. The rest of the physical, emotional and chemical parts of the body were also obviously included, as one cannot separate one component from another. We are a complex being! The old pains, even those between my scapulas which I have had for years, vanished! I still have zero discomfort between the scapula. Once in a blue moon, I have discomfort in the thigh; however, it is now from ‘overuse’ of the leg, as I am pushing myself to get back into more physical shape.  It is now a “good” pain, verses a pain of total discomfort.”


My right shoulder was injured in a car accident 13 years ago, and it has been painful ever since then.  Linda did one or two BodyTalk sessions and I am amazed.  I have full range of movement and no pain in that shoulder, having tried chiropractic, acupuncture and massage for years which gave short term relief.



“I fell forward down some stairs and twisted my neck, had some foot and hip pain and felt depressed because I couldn’t exercise. This has resolved itself with 3-4 sessions with Linda. She also helped me with a cough that was hanging on from a cold.”


"I was getting panic attacks, forcing me to shop late at night to avoid people. This has all resolved itself with BodyTalk sessions. My daughter had low self-esteem and lacked confidence with her peers. She saw great improvement with just one session."


When I heard about BodyTalk, I thought it was a quick fix for my complaints. Linda was able to identify layers of built up tightness and areas of stress that I believe were the causes of my frustration.  Getting older does not have to mean giving up. Over the time I’ve had appointments with Linda, I have come to trust what I learn in the sessions about my own body and its ability to become balanced.  The healing and support are real and have allowed my body to relax and move with fewer aches.

Thank you, Linda.



Client who had strong allergies

to shrimp and other seafood came in for a session to see if BodyTalk would help. He would get convulsions if he ate those foods.  He can now eat all the seafood

he wants (his session was in 2006 and is holding).


Linda offered to provide BodyTalk support for several limited conditions I was experiencing. I thought I would have to learn to live with sharp shooting pains in my left knee and weakness in my left shoulder. I was avoiding stairs and did not trust myself to carry anything and climb at the same time. After several sessions, I am happy to report I am able to use both feet, ankles, knees, in navigating stairs – without pain.  The BodyTalk process identified imbalances and allowed my body to heal and be on its way to my highest good. Thank you so much.  68-year-old female.


The feelings of restlessness were keeping me from being able to focus on simple day to day tasks. 

I asked Linda to help me return to a productive and less agitated state of being. She was able 

through muscle checking to assist me in letting go of old patterns of thinking. I am now better able to recognize and release the little irritations that were keeping
me stuck.

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